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A Letter From Cathy

To All Prospective Members of Draw And Paint School:

Hello Artists,

Have you ever signed up for art lessons at an art supply store, or anywhere else, for that matter?  They are usually once a week or maybe two or three days in a row. Maybe you were lucky enough to sign up for an artists workshop, or a college class for university credit. They are at a scheduled time and place. You pay your money, sign up, and come to class. Often, though, you will miss one or so lessons, depending on the length of time the lessons are for. When you get back, you are behind and because the teacher is teaching today's' lesson, and has no time for make up lessons, you never quite get caught up. If it's raining, or snowing, you are ill, or maybe have something 'more important to do', you might not be able to get to the lesson. So, you miss more lessons and get further behind. 

How much did you pay for these lessons? Most lessons are  $40.00 and up (mostly up) for the lessons in the art supply stores and they also expect you to purchase the supplies from the store. That is why the art supply stores let teachers teach there. 

How about the cost of the artists' workshop?  Usually they range from $140.00 to $4000.00 depending upon where the workshop is and if you are paying for lodging, food, etc, and don't forget the airfare and/or car traveling expenses.  

How about private lessons?  Most professional artists charge $80.00/hour and more, for their help. 

Did you sign up for an art class in a college or university? How much did you have to pay for it? Depending on your course load and which college or university you chose, several hundred to several thousand dollars, right? You had to take the pre-requisite classes before taking the ones you really wanted to take. Was your professor teaching what he was proficient in, or was he having to teach a class that needed a teacher and he was just 'winging it'?

How about the lessons on the internet? How long did it take you to find the teacher? Was the teacher a professional artist? Did they have a degree from a University? Did you learn anything from them? Did you have to go searching for another teacher to learn more?

Did you get any constructive criticism about your work and how to improve on it? Were the teachers even qualified to critique your work? Did you even want to be critiqued?

Did you get any marketing advice from your teachers? Did they have any marketing experience? Or were they just giving you suggestions about what they thought was right?

Would you like to join an art group and don't know where to find them? How about entering art shows and competitions? Do you know the difference? Would you like to go to Paris and see the Louvre? How about to Italy to see the many famous statues and paintings? Do you know where the best art galleries in the United States are?

Draw And Paint School is here to the rescue! A one stop resource for art lessons and art resources. Never again get behind in, or miss your lessons. Our lessons are self-paced so you can do them when you have time. No longer will you have to miss a lesson because of weather, illness, or just because you are too tired from your 'real job' to drive to the class. 

Our lessons are done by professional artists. All are making a living using their artistic talents. Everyone can learn from these artists, beginners and pros alike. The lessons are done in several formats, viewable on both PC's and Macs. Most lessons are also viewable by MSN TV (WebTV). All resources are viewable on PC's, Mac's, and MSN TV.   

Our lessons are very inexpensive.  

You start with 262+ text, video, link  lessons already posted inside! (See the actual count on the home page.)

Plus, there is a way to keep your continuing lessons FREE! Add to this, all the resources and help that you would normally have to pay for and you will recognize what a real savings joining Draw And Paint School is!

You will get one on one help in Draw And Paint School. No longer will you be just one of the group. If you need help, ask for it. We will help! 

Make new artist friends by posting to our boards. These are people who understand the way you think. These are the people you will enjoy knowing. Ask your questions on the boards. Someone will answer them. Maybe you have an answer, and can help someone else. 

Submit your paintings and drawings for the free greeting card software. After your card is listed, you can use it to send someone a greeting, or for advertising your own work, online. 

Draw And Paint School has many resources for art shows and competitions, art societies you can join, art museums you can peruse, and much more. There are even some 'secret' and exciting art museums listed, that most people do not know about.

I am an award winning artist, and a Signature Member of the Texas Watercolor Society. I have an art degree from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.  I attended The University of Texas at Austin. I have studied with some excellent artists, but I am mainly a self-taught artist. I started drawing and painting when I was three years old. One of my first memorable 'paintings' was the white kitchen door, on which I used a BRIGHT RED lipstick, circa 1949 (when lipsticks stayed on). Red is STILL my favorite color. :)  Later in life, I taught for the YMCA and the Parks and Recreation Department of Round Rock, Texas. I taught as a visiting artist in the Austin Public Schools and also taught in the Community School. I have taught private art lessons for many years. 

I had Polio when I was 4 years old. I was completely paralyzed. Being both of Scottish and German decent, made me a very stubborn person. :) With a LOT of rehabilitation, and a creative mind, I learned how to get things done. FACT:  There is ALWAYS more than one way of getting something done! Just think it out. Like the saying goes, "Exercise Your Mind!" I tend to not give up on something. I just figure out a way of getting the job done... (tenacious.  So watch this site, it's going to grow into something special!        

For those who are just curious about art, those just beginning to learn, and to those who practice art for a living, I plan on having something for all.

All this plus a minimum of 262+ text, video, link art lessons, when you join!  (See the actual count on the home page.)

Have fun with Draw And Paint School. If there is something you would like to see inside Draw And Paint School, that is not already there, let me know. I will find it for you!

Cathy Friesenhahn - Artist