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Welcome, come join us.  I made this site to help those who get tired of trying to search for art lessons on the internet. I have spent the last 12 years gathering the direct links to art lessons. I added 3000 more links to lesson websites earlier this year. I hope this makes it easier for you and gives you more time to draw and paint. 

Inside this website, you will learn how to draw and paint from professional artists!  You will be able to find places to show and sell your work.  You can learn from others, what works and what didn't work. 

Members have access to my greeting card software and are able to send their work to others as an email greeting card. There are four pieces of software included in this subscription, which allow you to learn and work on your digital art. You will be able to download these onto your computer and use at your leisure.

If you would like to take online art classes, let me know. You will need to use a webcam and download free software. 

Tutorials can be added each month, so be sure to let me know what you are interested in learning.

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Cathy Friesenhahn... (aka Merri) 

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"I must say your website has a LOT of excellent information and I'm learning lots every day well done.  More and more people feel more comfortable getting all their information wherever they have their computer, so you're on a winner."

Sandra Prieto

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Cathy Friesenhahn... (aka Merri) 
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"I made my first trip to the classroom today... it is awesome. Even though I am an intermediate painter... I have found my first project I want to try and that is the black and white painting using just different shades of one color. This looks pretty cool, so I'm gonna do it tomorrow when I get up before work. It truly is a wonderful site, and believe me, I have searched a lot of them."

Essy Goss


"I'm  so anxious.  Your site is exactly what I've been looking for." 

Barbara Newburg


Draw and Paint School is the best.  For those who are just learning or those who are advanced, there are lessons for all. The owner of the site is Cathy.  Cathy is an accomplished artist and has the drive and ambition for her site to be the most complete site on art today.    Cathy's school offers art lessons, guest artists, free greeting cards either to send or to design your own.  Children, she has a kids corner for you that your parents cannot enter with out you.  Nice change, huh kids. At your finger tips is a message board for all your art concerns. Plus many other features, which are to long to list.
Cathy offers a way to receive your yearly membership for free and make money on your own after you receive your free membership.
I am so excited about Draw and Paint School.  You only need to try the school to realize what benefits that you will receive.
Cathy herself, is a kind, gentle and wonderful woman.  Cathy's school is the first of its kind that I have seen.  Cathy is a first of her kind also.  Thank You Cathy for including me in your venture.

Carol B.


Thank you.  The brushes arrived yesterday. They will get a real work out !  First time I have won a contest. Maybe I should frame the brushes.     

Elizabeth Amezola


As an Egg Carver my hardest job is coming up with the drawing on my egg to begin the carving, the carving is craftsmanship but the drawing is Art.  I have found Cathy Friesenhahn's Draw And Paint School a real blessing.  Her Art Lessons, Mentoring, eBooks and links to Supplies and Events have been a great help.  I recommend her site to all my Eggart web site visitors. Thank you Cathy.            

Alan H.                                                              



I am very impressed with you and your work. I stumbled across your ad at Trade Rewards and am very happy to have "met" you through your work. Being a frustrated and partially disabled middle aged woman of the artistic persuasion I find your story and art very inspiring.

I know this doesn't help your sales, but I wish you much success and wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of what you are doing. You may also see me soon on your art classes list. My 14 year old daughter is also an aspiring artist. She and I could both benefit from your tutelage. 

Carole M.       See my garden at



Cathy, I'm glad your site came up. We're a home schooling family (six kids) on a VERY tight budget, and we hope to incorporate your lessons into our studies. Our ten year old boy is, I think, especially talented in drawing. It's definitely his passion. 

Melody B.


"I know I'm not alone when I say how much I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience."

Audrey Harcourt



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  • Acrylic 

  • Animation

  • Basics Drawing/Painting

  • Ceramics

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  • Computer Art

  • Oil

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  • Pen & Ink

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  • Videos

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  • Workshops


  • Videos 
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  • Graphic Design and Vector Drawing
  • More



RESOURCES INCLUDE:                                                              

  • Advertising

  • Art Contests

  • Art Definitions

  • Art History

  • Art News

  • Art Styles

  • Art Tutors

  • Artist Residencies

  • Competitions

  • Frame Shops

  • Galleries

  • Grants

  • Greeting Card Publishers

  • Home School

  • Interior Designers

  • Jobs

  • Juried Art Exhibitions

  • Juried Art Shows

  • Marketing

  • One-On-One Help

  • Press Releases

  • Professional Art Teachers

  • Sell Your Artwork

  • Software

  • Videos


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